How Do You Become Successful?

How Do You Become Successful?

We all want to succeed. In life. At home. Wherever it is... we want to be the best person we can possibly be. The question is how do you become successful? Our 2019 TEDx speaker Anne Devereaux-Mills is a shining example of how to be the best you can be, even when hurdles like battling cancer while being both a mother AND Chairman/CEO of multiple, major ad agencies.


Understand Who You Are

For many of us, we focus on the general things, such as “I want to make money so that I can retire early.” Why wait until you retire to find something you enjoy? Instead, look to find what are you interested in, care about, and naturally good at. Once you hit your “sweet spot”, your career will skyrocket.

Carpe Diem


No matter how much you focus on the “sweet spot”, life will get in the way. Things that are out of your control will happen. For Anne, the biggest one in her life was/is the on and off again battle with cancer, over the course of twelve years. Instead of dwelling on what was out of her control, she forced the situation into a box and minimized the stress it caused. In its place, she focused on things that brought her joy and that were in her control. It's not that you’re in denial but rather don’t dwell on it. When the doctors tell you to do something, execute it, otherwise, put it to the side and move forward.

In summary, follow your passion and when life does throw a stick into your spokes, causing you to fly over the handlebars, don’t hang your head and feel like “whoa is me.” Rather, brush yourself off and start moving forward. You got this!

To hear more of her inspiring story and how she got to where she is today, check out this amazing podcast on Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais.

Click here to learn more about the speakers that will be joining us this year and don’t forget to buy your tickets for the 2019 TEDx South Lake Tahoe event before it’s too late!

Dream It. See It. Believe It. Achieve It!

Dream It. See It. Believe It. Achieve It!

Have you ever wanted to do something like climb to the top of Mt. Tallac or try a new sport such as mountain biking but thought, “No way I’ll ever be able to do that!” For many of us, this statement rings too true. We focus on the impossible when it should be on the "I’m-Possible." That’s what our 2019 speaker Chris Bertish brings to our TEDx event. Inspiration to follow your dreams and make them a reality!

Who Is Chris Bertish?

Chris Bertish Book.jpg

It’s always said you better walk-the-walk before you talk-the-talk, and Chris Bertish is the ultimate example of inspiring others to follow their dreams. From being the first man to paddle across the Atlantic Ocean to surfing waves as tall as a four-story building, his achievements read like a superhero comic book. Instead of checking adventures off his list or just continuing to push the envelope, he uses these events to inspire the greatest potential in people.

What’s Your Dream?


Before you step into the 2019 TEDx South Lake Tahoe venue, take a second and think about what your dream is. As the famous architect Daniel Burnham once said:

“Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood… Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die.”

If you don’t have a dream just yet, use this event to create that spark in your soul. Don’t let another day pass without following your passion and creating something bigger than you!

Click here to learn more about the event and see who the amazing speakers are joining us this year.

The One Word That Can Change How We Work, Live and Lead

The One Word That Can Change How We Work, Live and Lead

In today’s day and age, many of us live with the illusion that we are more divided and separate from each other, than we are connected. This belief in our separateness has played a significant role in causing incivility in America to statistically reach “crisis levels” at work, at home and almost every place in between. Our keynote speaker, Shola Richards, has a powerful idea worth spreading about how we can reverse this troubling trend—and it all begins with one simple, yet transformative word.

The Power Of Ubuntu


Ubuntu (pronounced, “oo-BOON-too”) is often translated to mean, “I am, because we are” and this transcendent African philosophy represents the height of human connectedness, compassion, kindness and togetherness. In summary, as Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said on the meaning of the word:

We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole world. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.

Ubuntu is the one word that can change how we work, live and lead—and the timing could not be better to bring this unparalleled concept into the collective mainstream.  

How Ubuntu Will Elevate Humanity


What if our global mindset were refocused on the powerful concept of Ubuntu? What if we behaved as if we were literally connected to each other, meaning that there is not a place where you end and another person begins? How would that change how we showed up to work each day? How would it change the amount of kindness and respect that we showed to others during our daily encounters—especially to the people who we previously believed were different from us? How would it affect our ability and willingness to lead in a way that would have the deepest positive impact on others, and elevate our shared humanity in the process?

Break The Shackles Of Negativity

This is merely a sample of Shola’s thought-provoking ideas. The 2019 TEDx South Lake Tahoe event is your chance to break the shackles of negativity and hear directly from someone whose work has been featured in Business Insider Australia, Forbes, dozens of top universities, and even as a keynote speaker for the Department of Homeland Security. Don’t just stay home. Be an instrument of positive change and join us for the 2019 TEDx South Lake Tahoe showcase!

Click here to learn more about the event.



As the old song by the Mama’s & Papa’s goes…

Monday, Monday, so good to me
Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be

We’re taking these words seriously. As many of you know, we’re in the process of reviewing the stacks & stacks of applications and picking one speaker a week to be part of our TEDx South Lake Tahoe event coming up on October 19th. The only question was “Which day should we do the releases?” Every other day of the week is fine… but like The Mamas and The Papas say, Monday’s SO GOOD TO ME. So, we’ve decided to release each chosen speaker on none other than Mondays.

Monday Is Speaker Reveal Day

Monday TedX.jpg

Don’t miss out on our Monday speaker reveals. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter as well.

Our First Speaker Reveal Is.... 

Shola Richards.jpg

For this Monday, we’re excited to announce that Shola Richards has chosen US to be his destination for his TEDx Talk.

Who is Shola Richards

A father, husband, son, brother, friend, author, keynote speaker, and also the founder of The Positivity Solution. Over the course of his professional career, he has trained literally thousands of exceptional men & women on topics including team cohesion, world-class customer service, transformational leadership, effective communication, and dealing with difficult customers, to name a few. His personal mission is simple: To help more people live and work with more positivity.

Calling All Photographers - We Want To Showcase YOU!

Calling All Photographers - We Want To Showcase YOU!

As part of the 2019 TEDx South Lake Tahoe showcase, our theme is Elevating Humanity. We’re looking for photos that capture this idea as well as showcase the vast diversity of our region, not just in nature but as the communities surrounding Lake Tahoe. How many other places have two states, four counties, and sixteen distinct communities all within a hundred miles? Not many.

Elevating Humanity In Lake Tahoe

Photography is an art which means you’re expressing your soul via a medium… a photo. We want to see how you envision “elevating humanity” in our neighborhoods. Is it through snowboarding or skiing? Climbing Mt. Tallac? Lending a helping hand?

A Little Inspiration

While there is a BIG focus on landscape photography in Lake Tahoe, you don’t have to get stuck in this element. We hope you’ll take this as an opportunity to explore other niches that maybe you haven’t tried like:



Also known as candid photography, the idea is to capture a person’s personality via a picture, sometimes with the use of poses.



This cool genre focuses on an object or objects that depicts them in a still life artistic style... hence the name.



Are you a visual storyteller? Look no further than event photography. The goal is to use the camera in a way to tell a story with your pictures of the moment. It's definitely challenging to do well but when done correctly… it’s amazing.



Compared to landscape, this style is focused on the “little things” in life, such as a drop of dew on a leaf or a tiny living organism like an insect in which the size of the subject is bigger than life itself.

Long Exposure


For those techies out there, the long exposure is a fun realm to play in. By holding the shutter open for longer periods of time, you create surreal images that you would otherwise not see. It’s a great venue that crosses into night and astrophotography as well.

If you’re into photography and looking for a chance to be featured in our TEDx content, this opportunity is for you! All you have to do is either email us at or tag us on Instagram / Facebook @tedxsouthlaketahoe and voila you’ve been entered.

SAVE THE DATE: Tickets Go On Sale August 15th!

SAVE THE DATE: Tickets Go On Sale August 15th!

Now that we’ve got you primed up for the 4th annual TEDx South Lake Tahoe event, we’re delighted to announce that tickets will go on sale on Thursday, August 15th @ 10:00 am PST for $75 plus fees for the live seating in the Duke Theatre. Just like in years past, these are a hot commodity and will go fast.

What Do You Get For The Price Of Admission?

We already know the next question on your mind… “What do I get for that price?” Well, besides being part of this exclusive event, you also get the following:

  • A chance to see local artists showcasing their talents

  • An opportunity to network with other deep thinkers in Lake Tahoe before the show & during breaks

  • 10 speakers talking about a myriad of topics

What’s New For 2019


In years past, we’ve only sold tickets for the main venue. For 2019, after we sell out the Duke Theatre, we will then open up the next hundred seats for a live stream in the state-of-the-art Lisa Maloff University Center. This experience will offer a more casual atmosphere and an opportunity to hear the speakers while engaging in light conversation. The ticket price for this seating will be $50 plus fees.

What To Expect At The 2019 Edition

As we talked about a few weeks ago, this year’s theme is “Elevating Humanity”. Our goal is simple – To uplift individuals and spark positivity so that we can help make this world a better place. We’re excited to see how this subject intertwines throughout our speakers’ presentations. To see the 2019 line-up of presenters and their bios once released, check out this link.

TEDx South Lake Tahoe: Saturday, October 19th, 2019

Where: Lake Tahoe Community College – Duke Theatre

Visit: to learn more

Need to get a bit more excited for the show? Check out last year’s speaker videos and see what this is all about: 2018 TEDx SLT Talks.

There’s a lot of distractions this time of year. Boating on big blue. Gettin’ after it on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride on your mountain bike. Hiking, paddling... and the list goes on and on. So, be sure to put a sticky note on your fridge or set a reminder on your phone to pick up your tickets on Thursday, August 15th.

More details to come…

Elevating Humanity At 6,229'

Elevating Humanity At 6,229'

Every year, we pick an overarching theme that rings true in our time and highlights our region. It’s awesome to think locally but this year we wanted to go one step further and contemplate globally. To make our event a symbol of our entire planet. Something bigger. Something bold. With Lake Tahoe’s shore being located at an elevation of 6,229 feet above sea level and our push to dream on a grander scale, we couldn’t think of a better theme for this year’s event than “Elevating Humanity.” A perfect combination of location AND vision.

What Does Elevating Humanity Mean?


TEDx South Lake Tahoe is a vehicle for uplifting your spirits and sparking you to do something big. These aren’t just presentations. They are talks that showcase the best of what humanity has to offer. After you’ve gotten the basic human needs like food, water, and shelter covered, the fundamental universal truth is that people aspire to do more. They want more meaning and purpose in their lives. They want to be part of something bigger than them and nothing is bigger than helping elevate humanity.

Conscious Capitalism

In the business world, a great example of an attempt to elevate humanity is conscious capitalism. It's the idea that business isn’t there just to make profits but rather focus on the universal truth. The truth to support the integration of personal, social, and global wellness as a business decision framework. There are numerous corporations that follow this mantra like TOMS® who gives away a pair of shoes for each pair it sells. Another great example is The Body Shop®. Not only do they have a philanthropic foundation, but they've helped their suppliers in remote locations and third world countries form business cooperatives to help protect their communities and earn a more sustainable living.

No matter where you stand on conscious capitalism, we can all agree on one thing: we want to make this little world a bit better than before we arrived. Come and join us on October 19th and get inspired!

Help Invest In The Future Of Lake Tahoe – Become A Sponsor Of TEDx

Help Invest In The Future Of Lake Tahoe – Become A Sponsor Of TEDx

They say great minds think alike. At TEDx South Lake Tahoe we don’t believe that statement one bit. If everyone had the same idea no new inventions and concepts would ever come to fruition. Creativity AND cognitive diversity are what fuel our local and global landscape. And one of the best venues for this is the annual TEDx South Lake Tahoe event. Help South Lake Tahoe become the catalyst for the future by becoming a TEDx South Lake Tahoe sponsor.

Why You Should Become A Sponsor


First question that comes to mind: Why? Our community has many opportunities to come together but normally it’s focused on issues or problems. How often do these shindigs feel uplifting or uniting? Rarely. TEDx on the other hand is all about nurturing a positive environment AND inspiring us to become the change! This is your chance to help us continue to generate a positive venue in South Lake Tahoe. A chance for us a community to celebrate our town, lake, and region.

What Does The Sponsorship Entail

Depending on the level you can pick you get access to attend the pre-event mixer, complementary tickets, or even recognition on our press materials. Bottom line, becoming a brand sponsor will allow you to increase awareness of your goods and services in atmosphere that’s fun. For the full list of past & present sponsors and sponsorship perks be sure to venture over to the Sponsors page.

Sign Up & Become Part Of The TEDx Team!

donate today 2019

So, don’t stand on the sidelines! Help support the advancement of new ideas in South Lake Tahoe! For more information about sponsoring this year’s TEDx South Lake Tahoe meander over to our Sponsors page. And, if you’re looking for even more information, please reach out to Megan Waskiewicz at:

This Is Your Moment To Inspire – Apply Now To Speak At The 2019 TEDx South Lake Tahoe Event

This Is Your Moment To Inspire – Apply Now To Speak At The 2019 TEDx South Lake Tahoe Event

The search is on! That’s right... it is that time of year again where we look for potential speakers to join our lineup for the 2019 TEDx South Lake Tahoe event. We have updated our application and are now accepting nominations through Friday, July 19th.


TEDx events are a positive way to spread ideas that are worth shining a light on. It is a forum that engages, challenges, and transforms the thinking of audience members. Rather than coming off as a sales pitch or a lecture, we want our speakers to make it more like a conversation. The end goal is to have the entire crowd feeling energized and inspired in their own lives and communities!

Share Your Unique Perspective At The TEDx South Lake Tahoe Event


This year’s theme is Elevating Humanity. We want the speakers and their talks to relate creatively in some way to this overarching theme. So, if you or someone you know is:

  • Exploring a unique perspective that is promoting new insight

  • Pursuing extraordinary projects right here in our local community

  • Have a compelling story that can change how we interpret and affect our world

…then we recommend submitting a nomination today!

Just like in years past, we are looking for topics that are related to the following areas:

Art and Culture



Outdoor Recreation



Governance and Leadership


If you are interested in becoming a speaker at the 4th annual TEDx event on October 19th, 2019, please click the link below and be a part of this unique experience.

Apply to Speak

Recap Of The 2018 TEDx South Lake Tahoe Event

Recap Of The 2018 TEDx South Lake Tahoe Event

Missed the 2018 TEDx South Lake Tahoe Event? Here’s 13 quotes from the event that will leave you inspired all designed to get you in the right frame of mind to remember the spirit of TEDx South Lake Tahoe.

Thanks to our 2018 Partners!

Thanks to our 2018 Partners!

The 3rd annual TEDx South Lake Tahoe event couldn’t happen without the support of our partners. Because of their generosity, we know this upcoming event is going to be the best one yet! We’re particularly honored that each of these local businesses have chosen to support our efforts. We look forward to welcoming everyone to this year’s extravaganza and want you to meet each of our partners. Let’s all support one another, so please check out their websites as well for more info.

Image appears courtesy: Dewitt Jones

Image appears courtesy: Dewitt Jones

Lake Tahoe Community College

Pursue your dream career

At 6,229 feet above sea level, Lake Tahoe Community College, set in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, is located at the highest elevation of any college in Northern California. Beyond the classrooms and labs, the 164-acre wooded campus also features a 192-seat black box theater, a world-class soccer field, extensive art lab, a Child Development Center and much more. With 31 associate degree options plus 28 career and technical certificates to choose from, students can pursue a wide variety of interests such as our Lake Tahoe Basin Fire Academy program.

MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa


Book a discounted room

Along with providing discount lodging for our visitors, their location has given us the opportunity to have the festivities all in one place. Be sure to show your support by booking a room at this amazing hotel.

Palisade Investments

Move your financial life forward

Are you trying to plan for retirement but just don’t feel like there’s anyone out there to trust? Well, Palisade Investments will fit your needs. They are a 100% employee-owned company that doesn’t have any propriety products. Are you ready to plan and confidently move your financial life forward? They’re ready and excited to help you!

The Landing Resort & Spa

Plan you unforgettable South Lake Tahoe Vacation

From the moment you set foot in their lobby, you’ll see why Lake Tahoe’s most unique boutique hotel is the only choice for discerning travelers on the hunt for something different. Thoughtful amenities, restorative spa packages & contemporary European design will make for an unforgettable South Lake Tahoe vacation.

Hatchback Creative

Get "Digitally Creative" with Hatchback

No matter what kind of business you own in today’s internet age, your website and digital marketing needs are critical for a successful business. Hatchback Creative’s mission is to produce creative and original print and digital marketing products that work in the real world.

The Shops at Heavenly Village

Find out what's there to enjoy @ the Shops at Heavenly Village

Located at the base of the Heavenly Mountain Resort Gondola, the Shops at Heavenly Village is your destination for the latest trends in dining, shopping and entertainment. With over 40 shops featuring local and national brands as well as a vibrant live music scene, you’ll find something to enjoy.

The Loft

Find out what's going on @ the Loft


South Lake Tahoe's award-winning live performance theatre, high-end ultra-lounge and restaurant. It offers a full array of exquisite, handcrafted Italian cuisine from culinary expert Frank Trotta. In addition, the Loft Lounge features a full bar and award-winning wine list.

Getaway Reno Tahoe

Click here to plan my getaway

The official travel and tourism company promoting the best things to see and do in Reno/Tahoe. If you want to make the most of your visit to Reno, Lake Tahoe or Carson, this should be the first place you go. From amazing hotels, great restaurants & shopping to entertainment, attractions and so much more, getaway Reno Tahoe will be sure to support you on your next vacation.

Harrison Careers

Get help on starting the best career possible

If you truly want to maximize your probability of starting the best career as fast as possible, consider help from Harrison Careers. There is simply too much at stake to use the same job search process as thousands of other candidates.


Get a lil bit of authentic Scottish pub atmosphere right in Lake Tahoe

Inspired by the dream to blend an authentic Scottish pub atmosphere with the heart of the Lake Tahoe basin, MacDuff’s Public House is a gathering place for locals and visitors alike to enjoy traditional pub fare made only from the highest-quality ingredients in a fun and friendly environment.

Local Freshies

Get the local scoop on what's going on in ski towns in North America

When visiting a new town, most of us end up settling for eating or drinking at a place that we already know. Wouldn’t it be better to see it through the eyes of a local? That’s what Local Freshies is all about. A social media and marketing company focused on small businesses and local organizations, they share the ‘local scoop’ on each ski town so visitors and residents can fully experience its uniqueness without giving away all the secret stashes. So, the next time you’re looking for a new place to check out or heading to another mountain town, make sure you can “Be a Local where ever you go!”

Lastly, a big thanks to our innovator & scholar sponsors:

Thanks again to each and every partner for supporting the 3rd edition of the TEDx South Lake Tahoe event. Let’s inspire!

Building Bridges Through Dialogue Not Monologue

Building Bridges Through Dialogue Not Monologue

One of our speakers for the 2018 TEDx South Lake Tahoe event, has introduced the concept of building bridges through dialogue instead of monologue. Get a snippet into what they mean by this and how you can re-frame the way you talk to people to build bridges in future conversations.

Positive Inspiration Coming Out Of South Tahoe High School

Positive Inspiration Coming Out Of South Tahoe High School

One of our goals at TEDx South Lake Tahoe is to use this platform as a forum to showcase the talents of our local artists. We couldn’t be more excited to highlight six students from South Tahoe High School that created photos that aren’t just a pretty picture but true art.

Building Bridges Through Gender Intelligence

Building Bridges Through Gender Intelligence

Last year, Barbara Annis’ speech focused on gender intelligence and how men & women are fundamentally different in how they think. This week, we look at her speech in a different viewpoint… through our 2018 Theme - Building Bridges.

2018 TEDx South Lake Tahoe – Bigger & Better Than Ever

2018 TEDx South Lake Tahoe – Bigger & Better Than Ever

When we first started the TEDx South Lake Tahoe event three years ago we were excited to just bring the concept to the shores of our glorious lake. Each year we’ve expanded… and for 2018 we’re yet again going bigger!

Save the Date for 2018 Ticket Sales

Save the Date for 2018 Ticket Sales

The 3rd annual TEDx South Lake Tahoe is only a few months away. We’re proud to announce tickets for the event are going on sale Friday, July 13th. Read about what you get for the price of admission and why you should come.

Calling All Aspiring Photographers – We Need Your Help!

Calling All Aspiring Photographers – We Need Your Help!

For 2018, we’re reaching out to aspiring photographers, both amateur and professional, to help visually represent our theme. We’re looking for your best “Building Bridges” pics to feature on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and