Routine and repetition are great when training for something like a marathon or a speech, but daily life sometimes needs a spark… An idea that ignites the soul! All of us inherently are looking to become part of something bigger, so on a cool fall day in 2015, Robin Desota, his wife Lauren, Matt Stegemiller and Paul Reder did just that. The journey of bringing TEDx to Lake Tahoe had begun.

Looking for a mechanism to inspire the Lake Tahoe community, they remembered Josh Welch’s idea of bringing TEDx to the region in 2012. This aspiration lay quiet for a few years, but the time was now right to bring it back to life. First step, reach out to TEDx and apply for a license. Robin was the chosen one for this responsiblity and explained to TEDx their goals:

·         To create a climate of connectivity to share ideas and community

·         To become the premiere TEDx location for speakers based on our location on the beautiful shore of Lake Tahoe

The TEDx Board is created

With a license in hand, it was time to reach out to like-minded individuals in South Lake Tahoe that also wanted to see the TEDx experience. The TEDx South Lake Tahoe board was born:

·         Carol Chaplin – Lake Tahoe Visitor’s Authority

·         Carl Ribaudo – Strategic Marketing Group

·         Matt Stegemiller

·         Peter Loughlin – Lake Tahoe TV

If it wasn’t for the support from these individuals along with our team of volunteers including Jenna Poel and others we would have NEVER been able to get this massive undertaking off the ground.

Sold out Event leads to going bigger in 2017

The 2016 inaugural show was a major success, but the TEDx license only allowed for 100 attendees. Listening to feedback from the Tahoe community, the first thing on the 2017 docket: Head to a TEDx main event in Brooklyn, NY and qualify South Lake Tahoe for a larger audience license in 2017!

Lake Tahoe Community College a strong partner

For this year’s show, we have doubled our capacity by partnering with the Lake Tahoe Community College. With a larger venue set, our list of speakers has increased to ten this year with a great mix of local and international folks. Stay tuned as we introduce our speakers and talk about all the exciting things to happen at this year’s show.