In the movie the Breakfast Club, the five characters from different walks of life endure a Saturday detention where each one gets to tell their tale. By the end, they see each other and themselves a bit differently. TEDx might not be a Saturday detention but it does allow us as a community the opportunity to hear individual’s stories looking to inspire and challenge our own paradigms of the world around us.  

Introducing the TEDx Community Forum 

010 Tedx - Small.jpg

As we said last week, our primary goal at TEDx South Lake Tahoe is to spark conversation and inspire the community to move into the future. So, we decided to create a digital community via a Facebook Group to kick things off. Companies, speakers, and individuals alike are encouraged to participate so that we as a community can grow. We want to use the group to:

  • Allow people to ask questions towards speakers or bring up ideas of conversation
  • Speakers to post ideas before & after their speeches or answer questions from members

This sounds cool, right? “So, how do I join?”

Step 1: Login into Facebook and join the Facebook Group

Visit the TEDx South Lake Tahoe Facebook group and join.

Step 2: Talk about your passionate topics

Alrighty! Now that you’ve joined, we want you to start talking about… what you’re passionate about! Want to clean up the world and have an idea on how to do it locally? Bring it up! TEDx is about the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. Want to see and hear about concepts that aren’t typically raised? Need inspiration? Check out our past speakers’ presentations. Tell everyone your thoughts and most of all Stay Positive! We want this to be a safe forum to openly discuss topics and not a place to tear others down.

Happy Conversating! We hope you all enjoy the group and we’ll see you soon in September!