Every TEDx event has a theme, setting the tone of what to expect such as an overarching question or statement. For the 2017 TEDx South Lake Tahoe show, our title is Hidden In Plain Sight. What we mean to say with this title is often times the answer to life’s mysteries or problems are right smack dab in front of us! But, it’s up to all of us to raise them up and help other people recognize them as well.

Why have a theme?

When someone’s presented with a series of ideas that appear unrelated, it can sometimes be difficult to form connections. When a theme is provided, it creates those connections across the distinct topics helping the audience walk away with a bigger idea than just each notion by itself.

Lake Tahoe – The Greatest Example of Hidden In Plain Sight

Lake Tahoe on a beautiful summer's evening

Lake Tahoe on a beautiful summer's evening

Over the years, we’ve seen our community look for ways to differentiate itself from other beach or ski towns. Of course, we’re home to amazing ski resorts, awesome cuisine and great activities, but what is that thing making us so special that no other place has? Many times, the obvious answer is the right one! Right in plain sight is the big ‘ole blue thing we call Lake Tahoe. This body of water is truly unique. Its mood reflects the weather from deep ‘n brooding during a storm to shining like a blue sapphire on a sunny day like no other lake. It’s what makes us so special and yet is sometimes hidden as an answer because it’s so obvious.

Give us an example!

Our goal is for everyone to use this analogy in every part of our lives. There are so many ideas sitting out there screaming to be picked and solve our problems. Heck, even our 2017 event is actually hidden in plain sight because we’re here but not well known. This begs the question: “What are your examples of things that are hidden in plain sight?” Leading up to the event, hop on our Facebook group page and share your ideas with all of us in the community!