When you read, listen, or watch the news nowadays, it feels like the only things happening in the world are terrible. People are attracted to these negative reports like a moth to a flame. Does that mean it’s a good thing or the right way? Absolutely not. Similar to the moth, too much negativity is destructive to our mindstate and soul. In this year’s TEDx South Lake Tahoe event, we have the opportunity to hear DeWitt Jones speak about what’s right with the world. In getting excited to hear the positive twist of things, ever wonder why is the news so negative anyway?

Why is news negative

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Most individuals who are interested in current affairs and politics say they want to hear about positive news. In reality though, when they’re given the opportunity to read about an upbeat story, they’ll usually pick the one with a negative tone talking about things like:

·         Corruption

·         Set-backs

·         Hypocrisy

It’s a collective “hunger” for all of us to hear and remember bad news. How come? The theory goes that we evolved to react quickly to potential threats. When we get undesirable information, it gives us a signal to change what we’re doing to avoid danger. So, where can we find a place that celebrates the world and gives us a reprieve from the negativity?

National Geographic – A Positive beacon in a downtrodden world

One of the few places where there is a focus on celebrating what’s right in the world is National Geographic. Instead of trying to grab headlines and chasing the “ratings”, they focus on smart science and cutting edge exploration. They want to tell a story that’s interesting and smart while still being entertaining. After 20 years of working as a National Geographic photographer, DeWitt Jones will explore and tell the story in a viewpoint that isn’t focused on negativity but rather celebrate what’s right in the world.

A great example of DeWitt Jones' positive lens on the world

A great example of DeWitt Jones' positive lens on the world

So, step back for a moment and think about what stories or newsworthy items you dwell on. Is your perspective on the world negative based on all the news? If so, then this year’s TEDx South Lake Tahoe speaker will give you a chance to “change that lens”!