TEDx 2017 Shot 1800.jpg

We strive to live by the mantra – You can’t complain about a problem unless you propose a solution to it. This is when we began to ask, “What inspires people? Is there something that connects all these souls that call Tahoe home? Is it only about the snow or is there more to it?” Instead of just standing on the sidelines, we wanted a place to answer these questions. So, we grabbed life by the horns and kicked off on our TEDx adventure last year. It was exciting to see South Lake Tahoe respond by selling out last year’s event and this year’s as well! It really shows that this place has a lot more to offer besides just being a vacation destination… it’s a place with people who want to do more and be more!


Just as a reminder TONIGHT is the 2nd annual TEDx event in South Lake Tahoe.  And, if that wasn’t enough, we’re also having an after party at the Loft for those attending the show. This is a chance to pull your attention away from your technological chains, spark your imagination, and learn something new! I don’t know about you but that sounds like a fun night. I hope you’re just as excited as we are and we can’t thank all our sponsors enough for helping support us.

In the immortal words of Mark Twain – “Lake Tahoe would restore an Egyptian mummy to his pristine vigor!” and we feel the same way!