Well, it’s official! The 2nd annual TEDx South Lake Tahoe show is sold-out. Oh no! Woe is me! Are you just out of luck if you want to go? Nope. In fact, there is a way for you to help support the cause AND attend. How? Become a sponsor!

Why should I become a sponsor?

Sold Out 2017.jpg

As we’ve discussed in our prior post, our future vision for this entire extravaganza is for the community not because we want to make money. It’s for the sake of bringing and highlighting refreshing ideas. In fact, we’re still trying to cover all the costs involved for putting on such a massive event. This is your chance to help us continue to generate a positive venue in South Lake Tahoe.

Ok, I’m interested. What do I get if I do?

First and foremost, depending on the level of sponsorship, you’ll be able to attend along with a few of your closest friends. We’re also going to spotlight all our sponsors throughout the entire show. You’ll get some kudos on stage while helping support a great event. Last but not least, this is your opportunity to start on the ground floor of what will evolve into the best TEDx event there can be.

Sign up and become part of the TEDx team!

So, don’t stand on the sidelines! Help support the advancement of new ideas in South Lake Tahoe! For more information about our sponsorship opportunities, please visit our page. And, if you’re looking for even more information, please reach out to Robin DeSota at: TEDxsouthlaketahoe@gmail.com