When you hear the word “Bridge”, what do you think of? The definition of the word states it’s a structure that spans a divide. To us, it’s not just something built to traverse a physical obstacle but also a way for individuals to connect over ideas. During our brainstorming session after the 2017 event, this idea for the 2018 theme was born. We wanted this year’s focus to be Building Bridges. Our goal is simple - To bring unity and positivity in a time that division is too strong a motivation.

Lake Tahoe – A Great Example of Building Bridges

Image appears courtesy: Dewitt Jones

Image appears courtesy: Dewitt Jones

The Lake Tahoe region itself is one of the greatest examples of Building Bridges. In the Tahoe Basin, there are four counties, sixteen communities, twelve state/federal agencies and a state capital that each have a stake in Lake Tahoe’s shoreline. While there may be friction on certain topics, we can all agree that each individual that visits or lives here loves the lake and its surrounding area. It’s only through empathy and understanding that we as a diverse community can move forward.  

History Proves Building Bridges Is the Way To Go

Regardless of all the turmoil across the globe, we forget that diversity is an asset while at the same time a challenge to achieve. So, how are we going to attain our vision of Building Bridges at this year’s event? Instead of debating, we want to create. Our objective is to introduce concepts and stories that are inspirational and uplifting. We want to give a nod to our history but at the same time, use it to look forward to the future.

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Our mission for the 2018 TEDx South Lake Tahoe event is to improve the quality of people's lives through the study, understanding and appreciation of ALL ideas. We hope that you will join us. Until then, in the coming weeks we’re going to showcase some of our past speakers as a way to highlight how they’ve already started building bridges.