TEDx South Lake Tahoe isn’t just about bringing positives ideas to the forefront. We’re also about using our forum to showcase our region and local talent. For 2018, we thought… “Why not reach out to aspiring photographers, both amateur and professional, to help visually represent our theme?” We’re looking for your best “Building Bridges” pics to feature on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and

What We’re Looking For In Images

Of course, we’d love to see some of the beautiful bridges that exist in the Lake Tahoe Basin, but it doesn’t have to be so literal. As we’ve talked about earlier, the Building Bridges theme is about bringing unity and positivity in a time that division is too strong a motivation. So, let your creativity take over and think of “positive Bridges” being built in our community today. This could include everything from a handshake to a smile on a dreary day. Let your creative inspiration guide you.


They say a picture is worth 1,000 words so don’t stand on the sideline this year. Be an instrument of positivity and take a picture! We’re giving you a few different options to reach out to us and we’ll pick the best ones to showcase on all our outlets:

1.     Email:

2.     Instagram / Facebook: Tag @tedxsouthlaketahoe

If you’re into photography and looking for a chance to be featured in our TEDx content, this opportunity is for you!