Have you ever heard the term “He/she is on a Soapbox”? What image does this create in your head? Is it good or bad? To us, it creates a negative one. It’s like you’re creating a barrier instead of bridges… trying to force your viewpoints instead of trying to connect with someone. One of our speakers for 2018, Sam Horn, has introduced the concept of building bridges through dialogue instead of monologue.

Don’t TELL, Relate!


No matter who you are, we’re always looking for ways to create opportunities for ourselves or our organizations that we’re a part of. A great way to do this is by changing the way we communicate to others when we’re asked the question, “What do you do?” Don’t tell people what you do, create a conversation instead. Huh? For example, if you develop software that makes it safe for us to buy online, don’t just tell them that. Because if you do, that’s where the conversation will end. Instead Ask, ‘Have you, a friend or a family member ever bought anything online … like on eBay, Travelocity or Amazon?’ Suddenly you’ve increased the odds that they’ve experienced what you do or know someone who has. This intriguing connection will make them want to know more and keep the conversation going!

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