Just like the temps in the Lake Tahoe basin have heated up, so have our ticket sales for the TEDx South Lake Tahoe 2018 edition. We know there’s a lot of distractions right now around Lake Tahoe, but if you hold off picking up your tickets, you’ll regret it. If you’re interested in going, now is the time to make a move. Here’s 4 BIG reasons to buy your tickets NOW!

No Webcast For 2018

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In past years, we’ve actually showcased our TEDx event live on a webcast and even had a showing party at our sponsor’s venue – The Loft. Since we’ve expanded our seating in 2018 to an even larger venue, we will not be showing it via a webcast this year. Plus, seeing it live is a bigger experience than watching it on a TV.

Sold Out in Both 2016 AND 2017…


It’s true that we’ve moved to a bigger theater, but this is the 3rd year we’ve grown based on your feedback. In each past edition of the TEDx South Lake Tahoe event, we’ve sold out and we’re expecting this to happen yet again for 2018.

Not the Full Showroom - Still Limited Seating

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For those that have been to the showroom at MontBleu Resort & Casino, you know that it seats over a 1,100. For the TEDx South Lake Tahoe 2018 show, we’re substantially shrinking the showroom seating by more than half. Reason? We wanted to have a place where EVERYTHING could be together in one location and still have room enough to showcase our local artists in a market place. This means tickets are still limited.

Support Local

Image appears courtesy: Dewitt Jones

Image appears courtesy: Dewitt Jones

TEDx is a not-for-profit meaning that we aren’t doing this to make money. Instead, it’s about making South Lake Tahoe a stronger community and to give it a platform for positive thinkers to meet and learn. It also means the show is 100% subsidized by our sponsors so if we don’t sell out, there’s a good chance this event could go away.

These 4 reasons should be strong enough to get you off the sidelines and pick up your tickets now. We’ve taken the leap of faith that we can pack this arena to the hilt and hope you can be one of the folks that prove us right.