They say great minds think alike. At TEDx South Lake Tahoe we don’t believe that statement one bit. If everyone had the same idea no new inventions and concepts would ever come to fruition. Creativity AND cognitive diversity are what fuel our local and global landscape. And one of the best venues for this is the annual TEDx South Lake Tahoe event. Help South Lake Tahoe become the catalyst for the future by becoming a TEDx South Lake Tahoe sponsor.

Why You Should Become A Sponsor


First question that comes to mind: Why? Our community has many opportunities to come together but normally it’s focused on issues or problems. How often do these shindigs feel uplifting or uniting? Rarely. TEDx on the other hand is all about nurturing a positive environment AND inspiring us to become the change! This is your chance to help us continue to generate a positive venue in South Lake Tahoe. A chance for us a community to celebrate our town, lake, and region.

What Does The Sponsorship Entail

Depending on the level you can pick you get access to attend the pre-event mixer, complementary tickets, or even recognition on our press materials. Bottom line, becoming a brand sponsor will allow you to increase awareness of your goods and services in atmosphere that’s fun. For the full list of past & present sponsors and sponsorship perks be sure to venture over to the Sponsors page.

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So, don’t stand on the sidelines! Help support the advancement of new ideas in South Lake Tahoe! For more information about sponsoring this year’s TEDx South Lake Tahoe meander over to our Sponsors page. And, if you’re looking for even more information, please reach out to Megan Waskiewicz at: