As part of the 2019 TEDx South Lake Tahoe showcase, our theme is Elevating Humanity. We’re looking for photos that capture this idea as well as showcase the vast diversity of our region, not just in nature but as the communities surrounding Lake Tahoe. How many other places have two states, four counties, and sixteen distinct communities all within a hundred miles? Not many.

Elevating Humanity In Lake Tahoe

Photography is an art which means you’re expressing your soul via a medium… a photo. We want to see how you envision “elevating humanity” in our neighborhoods. Is it through snowboarding or skiing? Climbing Mt. Tallac? Lending a helping hand?

A Little Inspiration

While there is a BIG focus on landscape photography in Lake Tahoe, you don’t have to get stuck in this element. We hope you’ll take this as an opportunity to explore other niches that maybe you haven’t tried like:



Also known as candid photography, the idea is to capture a person’s personality via a picture, sometimes with the use of poses.



This cool genre focuses on an object or objects that depicts them in a still life artistic style... hence the name.



Are you a visual storyteller? Look no further than event photography. The goal is to use the camera in a way to tell a story with your pictures of the moment. It's definitely challenging to do well but when done correctly… it’s amazing.



Compared to landscape, this style is focused on the “little things” in life, such as a drop of dew on a leaf or a tiny living organism like an insect in which the size of the subject is bigger than life itself.

Long Exposure


For those techies out there, the long exposure is a fun realm to play in. By holding the shutter open for longer periods of time, you create surreal images that you would otherwise not see. It’s a great venue that crosses into night and astrophotography as well.

If you’re into photography and looking for a chance to be featured in our TEDx content, this opportunity is for you! All you have to do is either email us at or tag us on Instagram / Facebook @tedxsouthlaketahoe and voila you’ve been entered.