We all want to succeed. In life. At home. Wherever it is... we want to be the best person we can possibly be. The question is how do you become successful? Our 2019 TEDx speaker Anne Devereaux-Mills is a shining example of how to be the best you can be, even when hurdles like battling cancer while being both a mother AND Chairman/CEO of multiple, major ad agencies.


Understand Who You Are

For many of us, we focus on the general things, such as “I want to make money so that I can retire early.” Why wait until you retire to find something you enjoy? Instead, look to find what are you interested in, care about, and naturally good at. Once you hit your “sweet spot”, your career will skyrocket.

Carpe Diem


No matter how much you focus on the “sweet spot”, life will get in the way. Things that are out of your control will happen. For Anne, the biggest one in her life was/is the on and off again battle with cancer, over the course of twelve years. Instead of dwelling on what was out of her control, she forced the situation into a box and minimized the stress it caused. In its place, she focused on things that brought her joy and that were in her control. It's not that you’re in denial but rather don’t dwell on it. When the doctors tell you to do something, execute it, otherwise, put it to the side and move forward.

In summary, follow your passion and when life does throw a stick into your spokes, causing you to fly over the handlebars, don’t hang your head and feel like “whoa is me.” Rather, brush yourself off and start moving forward. You got this!

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