In our past blog post, we focused on HOW to live a successful life. But does that really matter if you aren’t happy? That is the key principle many of us forget... especially us workaholics. Although you should love your job, it shouldn’t be your only identity. Our 2019 speaker, Megan Clark, learned this tough lesson through her own life.

Living The Dream… Doesn’t Always Make You Happy


On the outside, she was living “the dream.” She was successful, accomplished, and had the "greatest job in the world", especially as a self-confessed IT geek. Having based her sole purpose on the job, Megan realized that she was going through the motions, but in her soul, she felt unfulfilled. That’s when she began to delve into intense personal reflection. Through this journey, she uncovered what REALLY made her happy, her source of joy, and a capacity for limitless possibility.

What Is A Joy-Full Life?

Image appears courtesy:  Emanate Gallery

Image appears courtesy: Emanate Gallery

As her perception of the world evolved, she came to realize that living a life full of joy and laughter is possible, although it’s quite hard to define a “joy-full” life as it should be. But it can be done if you’re willing to look inside yourself. The one thing that it isn’t is the idea of chasing superficial happiness in the form of clothes, cars, gadgets and even a career. Of course, the definition is open to multiple interpretations. We can’t wait to hear Megan’s perspective as part of this year’s TEDx South Lake Tahoe event.

We’d LOVE to hear from you. "What do YOU consider a joy-full life?"

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