All of us in this world have scars. Some are physical. Others are mental or emotional. The question is should you hide or erase that scar from your life or use it as a badge of honor? Our 2019 TEDx speaker Christina Helena is a great example of using her scar to inspire others and not wash it away.

Survived Cancer… And Yet Another Battle?


Being the youngest survivor EVER of pancreatic cancer, you would think that would be enough. But could you imagine also having five organs removed? That in itself sounds earth shattering. What she didn’t realize after she stepped out of the hospital is that her journey AFTER surviving cancer would become just as tough mentally and emotionally.

Scars Are Part Of Our Identity

Image by  Capri23auto  from  Pixabay

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

For some of us, we have the opportunity to HIDE our scars since they cannot be seen. We want to fit in. To be normal. "Is this how we should live?" Christina had to answer that deep question. On the surface, that might seem okay to make it disappear but these reminders on our skin or in our soul of our past tribulations is what makes us…. US. Instead of running away, Christina grasped her life by the horns & in her own words, “You can’t B***S*** the soul.” We can’t WAIT to hear her full story this October.

What is your Scar?

Photo by: Local Freshies

Photo by: Local Freshies

Until then, would you share the scar that made you the person you are today? Is there a moment... a catalyst in taking the next step in your life? As we know, actions speak louder than words, so I’ll share first. My scar was being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Being stubborn and emotionally guarded, it took me almost five years to expose my story, but I'm glad I did.

Not ready to talk about your scars? That's okay. We hope you'll join us & get inspired at the TEDx 2019 event. Pick up your tickets today.