Nell Merlino

Nell Merlino is a catalyst and activists for the advancement of women and girls. She mobilized more than 25 million people to recognize girls’ value and potential with the creation of Take Our Daughters to Work Day in 1993.

In 2000, Nell launched Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, the first online micro lender. Senator Hillary Clinton joined Nell in 2006 to launch the Make Mine a Million $ Business program to help women grow micro businesses to million dollar enterprises.

Nell served as a Pathways Envoy for the U.S. State Department 2009-2011 promoting women’s entrepreneurship across Central America and served on the development committee for the historic Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment program. She served on the North American Jury for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2010 – 2017.

An expert on business growth and the value and visibility of girls, Nell has provided commentary on every major news outlet including CNN, Bloomberg, Fox News, The Today Show, NBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and The New York Times. Her media appearances, quotes and stories have generated over 3 billion female focused media mentions.

Nell is currently working on the sequel to Take Our Daughters to Work Day called Born Worthy. Her new initiative prepares our digital daughters, their parents and community for full and total equality with a 21st Century Rite of Passage from Girlhood to Womanhood.

She is the author of “Stepping Out of Line: Lessons for Women Who Want it Their Way in Life, in Love, and at Work” available on Amazon, and “Cracking the Glass Ceiling and Raising the Roof” in MIT Innovations Journal, Winter/Spring 2013


Radha Agrawal

Radha Agrawal is a community force. She is the co-Founder, CEO and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker, the early morning dance and wellness move-ment that currently holds events in 25 cities and over a dozen college campuses around the world with a community of almost half a million people. She is a successful entrepreneur (Co-Founder THINX, LiveItUp), author, speaker, DJ, inventor, and investor. Her new book BELONG answers the questions, "how the heck do I find my people?" and "How do I create large and meaningful communities in the real world?". She was named by MTV as “one of 8 women who will change the world.” Radha lives in Brooklyn NY with her love Eli and her twin sister Miki – and lots of family and friends within a few blocks. You can most often find her tinkering with community and experience design projects, or on the dance floor at Daybreaker in New York City (if she’s not dancing at sunrise in another part of the world.) Instagram: @love.radha Websites:, Book: Belong: Find Your People, Create Community & Live A More Connected Life. (Workman,'18)


Adam Markel

Adam Markel is a speaker, author and entrepreneur, who inspires, empowers and guides
people to achieve massive and lasting personal and professional growth.

A recognized expert in the integration of business and personal development, Adam speaks
and mentors around the globe in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and
transformation. His latest book is the best selling PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing
Your Career and Life. Adam also hosts The Conscious PIVOT podcast, where he shares his
insights on pivoting in today's fast paced market and interviews experts, innovators and
influencers to share their stories and wisdom in the areas of business and life.

Adam is CEO of More Love Media, a company dedicated to empowering individuals and
businesses to re-imagine, refocus, and capitalize on change in order to thrive in a world
where constant disruption is the "new normal”. He has diverse and extensive experience in
business, leadership, law, mentoring, and facilitation, including being the CEO of North
America's largest human potential company. As a result, Adam knows what it takes to thrive
as an entrepreneur, business owner, and corporate leader.

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