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Shola Richards

Some people call me a cheerleader (admittedly, I'm a natural at enthusiasm), but I'm actually a champion of those who value integrity.

Because really, what's more important than the principles we exude...and thus, the principles we spread?

A father, husband, son, brother, friend, author, keynote speaker, and also the founder of The Positivity Solution. Over the course of his professional career, he has trained literally thousands of exceptional men & women on topics including team cohesion, world-class customer service, transformational leadership, effective communication, and dealing with difficult customers, to name a few. His personal mission is simple: To help more people live and work with more positivity.

Chris Bertish

In everything he does - from inspirational speaking around the globe to breaking world records in Big Wave Surfing and Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Chris Bertish shifts boundaries and shatters perceptions of what’s possible.

His mantra - Dream It. See it. Believe It. Achieve It - defines his approach to success across multiple sports and as a respected visionary, author, filmmaker, environmentalist, philanthropist, and businessman. He recently redefined the concept of Extreme Adventure by becoming the first person ever to Stand-Up Paddleboard across any ocean. Defying all odds, Chris paddled 4,660 mi (7500km) - solo, unsupported and unassisted - for 93 days, across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco, Africa to the Caribbean Island, Antigua. The Sup Crossing was a truly unparalleled global feat while raising money and awareness for conservation and to help disadvantaged children in Africa, through the Lunchbox Fund and Operation Smile. 

His philosophy is one of positive change, starting with ourselves and how we can make a difference in our lives, our business, our communities and the world around us.   Known to inspire, educate and motivate global audiences by sharing his captivating experiences, Chris’s storytelling delivers a spellbinding and enthralling narrative that will blow you away, ignite your greatest potential and be the change you want to see in the world.

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Anne Devereux-Mills

Anne Devereux-Mills spent the first half of her career building and running advertising agencies in NYC as Chairman and CEO. When hit with the triple threat of progressing cancer, an empty nest and an unexpected job loss, she took time to reassess her career trajectory and hierarchy of needs. In 2012, long before the #MeToo movement, she founded Parlay House. a salon-style series of gatherings which now includes over 5,000 women across the US, Europe and the Middle East. Parlay House’s objective is to provide thought-provoking content and a safe space for women to have intimate and authentic conversations that don’t happen in other aspects of their lives, and to connect with women outside their traditional social, demographic and career-influenced circles.

Her commitment to issues related to inclusion and empowerment run deep. Beyond Parlay House, Anne is a mentor for SHE-CAN, an organization supporting and grooming the next generation of female world leaderscoming from post-genocide countries. An activist on issues related to social justice, Anne was a key member of the team that helped pass California's Proposition 36, which brought fair sentencing to thousands of non-violent inmates as part of California's Three Strikes reform. Following that victory, she was the Executive Director for the Emmy-nominated documentary film entitled, The Return and is currently Executive Directing two additional films, Mississippi Red and The Green Dress. Anne supported Stanford University by serving as the Executive Director of Healthy Body Image Programs.

Megan Clarke

Megan K. Clarke dreams of a world where everyone is inspired to live his/her most happy, authentic life and every homeless dog finds a loving home.  As a successful Chief Information Officer (aka Big Geek) whose work includes the design and build of the first-ever online voting system for The OSCARS, Megan has spent twenty years implementing innovative technology solutions and transforming the technical footprint for global organizations. Given her rarity as a female senior-level tech exec (seriously, there just aren’t that many!) she speaks to audiences of adolescent and teenage girls, inspiring them to pursue technical studies, and mentors adult women who feel they have hit a career impasse. Additionally, she created and manages ‘Joy-FULL Happenings,’ an online property offering insight, inspiration, and courses that support individuals looking to discover their fully authentic selves. Full authenticity, she believes, is the true source of personal fulfillment, happiness, and success.

When not working, Megan can be found fostering a myriad of homeless dogs (and a few cats), choreographing a dance number in her pj’s, and trying to make the world a happier place.

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Christina Helena

Christina Helena is a speaker, performer, writer and self-responsibility revolutionary based in New York City. She is redefining and modernizing the stigma behind trauma and pain with one simple thought: Your scar is the sexiest thing about you.

At nineteen years old, she became one of the youngest Pancreatic Cancer survivors in the world and four months later she graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from Marymount Manhattan College. Christina knows the physical and emotional toll that our scars have on our self-worth and ability to love ourselves. Given six months to live Christina asked herself: “What do you want more, your potential or to run away from the pain?” Christina trained at LAMDA, The London Academy of Music & Drama where she earned a Master’s in Classical Performance. A couple years later, she studied philosophy and theology at the University of Philosophical Research earning a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. With a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies, she offers a refreshing and captivating take on the soul and consciousness from a philosophical perspective. Her two Master’s degrees birthed SCAR, an autobiographical solo show currently in development for an off-Broadway production, to be directed by the award-winning director Larry Moss.

SCAR is about redemption, against all odds she trusted her intuition. It saved her life. Thirty-eight characters. One woman. One stage. Most recently she played the lead role of Girl, in Petrol Station at the Kennedy Center in D.C., a story about the violent reality of surviving a civil war. In the fall of 2019, Christina will play Teresa in the John Patrick Shanley production of Italian American Reconciliation in an off-Broadway production in New York City. As a highly sought-after speaker on personal development and identity, she is helping others re-shape their mindset so they can become so cemented into their truth that no one can knock them over. Her empowerment blog, My SCAR is Sexy is a bi-weekly reminder that we are human.

Melinda Choy

Melinda Choy is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Health & Wellness speaker, and CEO of Elevate Wellness & Acupuncture Center. Over the past 20 years she has dedicated her life to health education, lifestyle modification, natural medicine, and targeted therapies to enhance the power of the body to heal itself and promote balance. This dedication has served over 10,000 patients with an elevated wellness experience.

Melinda holds a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz with additional coursework from Zhejiang University in China. She is a Nationally Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. When she isn’t healing others, she is an avid activist and environmentalist. Prior to earning her masters in Medicine, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Global Peace and Security from U.C. Santa Barbara and was awarded an internship position with Amnesty International. Between healing others, promoting peace and land stewardship, and running a successful growing business, she also finds time to surf, hike, camp, climb, and adventure all over the world with her loving husband and two young boys.

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Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones is an American professional snowboarder known for big mountain freeriding and is the founder of his own freeride-oriented snowboard brand, Jones Snowboards. In addition to creating and improving his line of snowboards, Jones works to create films that record his climbing and snowboarding adventures around the world. In November 2012, Jones was selected by National Geographic Magazine as a nominee for Adventurer of the Year, based on his, "remarkable achievements in exploration, conservation, humanitarianism, and adventure sports." [1] Jones is also the founder of the non-profit group, Protect Our Winters, which works to reduce the effects of global climate change by means of educational, activist and community based projects.

Jude Wood

Originally from the UK, Jude started her career in politics and sport, but moved to the US in 2007 when she was given an opportunity to have a ‘direct and positive impact’ on the lives of young men and women.  As staff and later the Executive Director of Wellspring, an international company specializing in residential, therapeutic programs for overweight and obese teens and adults, Jude was able experience first hand the many obstacles and struggles facing our youth today, but also the powerful impact of resiliency, success and transformation.  Jude took this knowledge with her when she joined the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe in 2014.  There she has grown membership of the Club by 110% and is about to break ground on a new Clubhouse; a 28 year old dream of the organization.  Jude has a BA from the University of Durham and an MA in Business from the University of Warwick.  Currently she sit on the Meyers Advisory Council, the El Dorado County Early Childhood Education Advisory Committee, the El Dorado Community Action Committee and the Leadership Lake Tahoe Taskforce among other groups. Jude lives in Meyers with her husband, son and dog and in her free time enjoys skiing, hiking, paddle boarding and watching BBC TV shows.


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Rick Chapman

Renowned photographer Rick Chapman is the driving force behind this project.  Rick is drawn to clean energy innovators because they represent the essence of the American pioneer spirit, “courageously offering an exciting glimpse into our future, not unlike the explorers reporting their experiences of the 19th century western frontier or astronauts engaged in 20th century space travel". Chapman says, "I see the pioneers involved in 21st century energy pursuits as scientist-artists utilizing the tools of current technology to make the world a more balanced, efficient and sustainable place. In its most perfect and romantic form, the scientific exploration for clean energy refinement rises above our globe’s political, religious, and physical boundaries".  We are at a crossroads in human history, needing to find ways to sustain our Earth and our ever-growing population. The pioneers of clean energy are forging these crucial pathways.

With nearly 25 years of successfully working with his camera in the arts and advertising communities, Chapman recognizes the power of imagery and media to harness & mobilize interest, action and excitement about the clean energy revolution. Chapman is enthusiastic about meeting the currently unknown Edisons, Fords and Einsteins in our midst…

“The portraits and interviews will motivate our youth to be the innovators of the future, and my personal goal is for them to ultimately view these pioneers with the same awe our culture has for famous sports stars, actors and musicians.” Rick Chapman